Drew Magary’s Super Bowl Chili

I first made Drew Magary’s Super Bowl Chili months ago, when I was pregnant and craving anything but Josh’s endless parade of Paleo nonsense. Lol, this is back when I was pregnant and working. I got home late and Josh was handling dinners and he… Well, he isn’t the most imaginative or adventurous chef. This is a man who can eat leftover chicken and frozen veggies every day, 7 days out of the week and never be bored. So anyhow, I needed to switch things up on my day off and CHEAT. Cheat I did! Anyways, my future mother-in-law got a taste and has been begging me to make it again ever since! The only adjustment I have made to the recipe is that it calls for a higher-fat content in the ground beef and I used 85%/15% the first time. My chili was straight-up rank the next day. I switched to 1 lb of the higher percentage and then the other lb something a little leaner, and it holds up a lot better in my opinion.


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