Roast Chicken Rebooted.

Tonight I reprised my go-to beer can chicken recipe. I usually pump it full of creole butter injectable marinade and shove a can up its butt, but last week’s disaster chicken got me thinking. I saved the drippings and pumped them into my chicken. The result was tasty, and without me spending any money on my marinade! I saved the drippings again today. There were less than before, but I wonder if I could just keep cycling the drippings of each week’s chicken into the next week’s?

I also read an article that the whole beer can up the butt practice doesn’t really work as well as one would hope. It prevents the chicken from cooking, and doesn’t really do anything for the chicken, so tonight I just shoved the stand up ol’ Chickadees butt. I cooked my 6-6 1/2 lb birdy at 475 for 15 minutes and 350 for 2 hours, following a chart I found online. Afterwards I checked the temp with my digital thermometer and we were waaaaay too hot!

This represents a missed opportunity for juicy flavor. So next week I will adjust until I get things perfected.


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