My Kid Doesn’t Like Kid Food.

I love my daughter Raina, and she is such a kick in the pants sometimes. Josh has always fed Raina really healthfully, but when we go out to restaurants, on the rare occasions we allow her to order from the kid’s menu, she gets so excited!

Same with when I make different cheat foods like potatoes or bread, you can practically see her start salivating as soon as she finds out. From that moment on she is in the kitchen pestering me. Every other word is “potato”, and she is hovering over everything I do, trying to help and asking how much longer until I am done. (Much to my annoyance, haha)

So after a weekend away, I knew she would be excited tonight when I whipped up How Sweet Eat’s Buttermilk Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers, and The Comfort of Cooking’s Skinny Baked Mozzarella Sticks.

The mozzarella sticks went off without a hitch, although I did have to increase the cooking time a little bit to get the golden color I desired on the breading. But the chicken fingers could have been a little more crunchy in my opinion. I popped them under the broiler at the end to up the crunch factor, to limited success.

Raina, of course, raved that “the delicious sauce” I’d made was “soooo good!” (jarred marinara, thanks. lol). But we realized at the end that while she had absolutely demolished her steamed veggies and cheese sticks, she hadn’t even touched her chicken fingers. Like, not even a taste. We had to force her to miserably “gag” down one. Lol

Just like when we let her order off the kid’s menu at restaurants, I think the junky type foods sound better to her than actually eating them in practice. This is why Josh and I usually just feed her from our plates off the adult menu. I think her palate is too spoiled for such bland children’s fare.


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