Starting the Year Off Right

I decided at the end of 2015 that this year I would get my health and the health of my family on the right track. I can’t diet, since I am breastfeeding, but I can eat healthy and work out. My weight is currently at 171.4 lbs and my goal has always been to get back to about 135. (Good luck, haha.) My fiance switched to following the Paleo lifestyle a while back and he is religious about it these days, so we have agreed to eat Paleo meals 6 days a week, allowing for one cheat a week. This will be my space to track the meals we make, how we like them, and any adaptations I make and how they work out for us. I will also keep track of how much we spend in groceries and what kind of progress I make in my weight and general fitness.

This week I am adapting some recipes from some of my favorite recipe blogs. Our grocery trip included all the ingredients called for in our dinner recipes, as well as any incidentals we need for snacks, lunch, and dinner. Our grocery bill this week came to $339.88

Sunday: Thai Drunken Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Honey Chicken

Monday: Beer Marinated Flank Steak Fajitas | How Sweet It Is

Tuesday: Sweet and Spicy Pork Shoulder with Sesame Cucumbers | How Sweet It Is

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Short Rib Sauce with Bucatini | How Sweet It Is

Thursday: The Best Roast Chicken of All Time

Friday:  Grilled Salmon with Spinach Artichoke Macaroni and Cheese


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